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At Stones of Croatia we are proud of our commitment to the environment and take every measure to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint, exhibiting corporate responsibility. We take the following measures:


1) We use non-explosive extraction methods that keep disturbance to local eco-systems minimal and provides a safer working environment for our employees.

2) 2 air pollution filters are used per Caterpillar truck to reduce carbon emissions, costing around 10,000 Euros per filter.

3) As you can see on our quarry photographs, wherever possible we try to mine underground ensuring preservation of green areas above.

4) We have big plans to re-use this quarried space as a landfill site once quarrying has reached completion. We also hope to engineer a way of extracting the natural gases that will arise.

5) Block extraction using chainsaws capable of cutting stone allows for minimal wastage.

6) Any wastage arising from block extraction is recycled into stone chips for the construction industry and public transport projects

7) We hate waste. We have 2 plant machines capable of producing  lime for farming and pharmaceutical companies at 96% purity

8) Any fertile earth is separated and then offered for free to local community projects and local vineyards

9) We also try and reduce our water footprint where ever possible. Through continued investment and innovation we are proud to announce that some of our quarries are water free

10) Although our quarries produce some of the highest quality limestones in the world, occasionally we extract a block unfit for purpose. These have been used in local sea defense projects protecting against coastal corrosion.


1) We have invested in brand-leading water filtration systems to ensure no drop is wasted

2) Only water unfit for drinking is used for production

3) The factory is situated central to our main quarry operations. This helps to reduce our emissions level