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Our factory is situated in the town of Pazin located in Istria, Croatia. Our factory is strategically located central to our multiple quarry operations and through continued investment since the birth of the company, our factory is extremely well equipped with the most modern, brand leading machinery available.

The following groups of stones are fabricated:

  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Quartzite

We can produce a very wide range of products and more and to a very high standard. Here is the machinery we boast:

  • gang saws for stone cutting (“CARL MEYER” and “SIMEC”)
  • 2 wire saws (“PELLEGRINI”)
  • FAST made saw for solid stones cutting (“BENETTI MACCHINE”)
  • saw blade of 3000 mm diameter
  • saw blades of 1800 mm diameter (“BISSO”)
  • 8 “block cutting” saw blades of 1200 mm diameter(“SEKOBLITZ” and “BRETON”)
  • 1 drying and resin finishing line for raw slabs (“BRETON”)
  • 1 polishing line for stone raw slabs (“BRETON”)
  • 1 polishing line for granite raw slabs (“BRETON”)
  • flame-finishing line for stone and granite slabs (“PELLEGRINI”)
  • bush-hammering line for stone and granite slabs (“CARL MEYER”)
  • 2 automatic lines for paving and tiles fabrication (“BRETON” and “SIMEC”)
  • a line made up of 3 stone splitting machines (“BENETTI MACCHINE”)
  • stone tumbling machine (“RÖSSLER”)
  • stone scraping machine – (“CAMPAGNOLA & FEDELI”)
  • sand blasting machine (“COGEIM”)
  • 14 milling machines (“BISSO”, “CMPI”, “LEVI TUNISI”, “GREGORI”…)
  • and stone-dressing shop for various professional hand made fabrications

The following kinds of surface finishing are offered:

  • resinated (epoxy impregnated)
  • resinated with PVC net (on the reverse side of a slab)
  • grinded
  • polished
  • brushed (antique-finishing)
  • sand blasted at 60 cm max width
  • sand blasted & brushed at 60 cm max width
  • sand blasted & brushed with broken edges at 60 cm max width
  • flame-finished
  • flame-finished & brushed
  • flame-finished with broken edges
  • bush hammered
  • bush hammered & brushed
  • machine pineappled (rough & fine)
  • hand pineappled
  • pineappled & brushed
  • pineappled & brushed with broken edges
  • scratched (“graffiato” – some twenty varieties are offered) 60 cm of max width
  • scratched & brushed, 60 cm of max width
  • wavy scratched (“graffiato ondulato”), 60 cm of max width
  • striped (“rigato” – with 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm distance between the stripes), 60 cm of max width
  • striped & brushed, 60 cm of max width
  • tumbled (“burattato”), 40×40 cm of max dimensions
  • “žgrafonirano”
  • rolled (“rullato”)
  • hand-made blinded
  • machine splitted
  • and various combinations of above numbered surfaces
  • with cut and splitted edges…
  • with sharp, lightly beveled, sand blasted, bush hammered… edges

Production capacity of the Saw Mill and the Prodiction Plant of the Quarry “Kanfanar” amounts to approximately:

  • 350.000 m2 rough limestone and marble slabs
  • 300.000 m2 limestone and marble tiles
  • 30.000 m2 final splitted products
  • 3.800 m3 final solid limestone elements…

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